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LICEOTIC TRAINING, School of Advanced IT Management

the best training for IT Technicians (in Spanish).


Boost your career with a Masters degree designed by top IT managers and Headhunters for IT managers and CIOs of the future.

Created by leaders in digital systems to teach the best and most effective practices in technology management.
The LiceoTIC Training school leads the way when it comes to technology training based on the success of the student as a means of validating the success of the program. 


Our programs and their content have been developed based on criteria provided by members of LiceoTIC, which is a community of technology managers. The LiceoTIC members have contributed and cooperated to promote the strategic importance of technology systems in companies.

The course is designed to provide knowledge, experience, and skills for all those who wish to improve or develop their career as technology managers.

Because, at LiceoTic Training we are not satisfied with having the best teachers creating and carrying out the best IT courses, we wanted to go one step further in their academic level.

And that is why all our courses and Masters have passed an academic review process by La Salle University, which allows us to offer academic support and a Degree issued by the university itself.


At the end of the Masters and other courses you will receive a LiceoTic Training Degree, endorsed and signed by the university itself validating the academic level of achievement.


We prepare the professionals of tomorrow to progress as a society.

Spanish / English

The Global Executive MBA is designed to cater to the needs of busy professionals in a fast-paced world.

To enable both technical and non-technical high potentials to understand the full impact of emerging technologies and to be able to communicate about them in a simple manner. Learn how to lead and manage effectively and with agility in an increasingly technological world.

The Global Executive Master in Business Administration focuses on balancing both the knowledge of what’s happening in the outside world and a deeper understanding of yourself to help you drive the teams and the innovations of the future. Regardless of your industry, your position or your level of expertise, you need to be prepared to face unforeseeable disruption in the years to come and lead your teams to prepare for it.

Leading change is a must to stay professionally relevant but to achieve that you must learn how to lead yourself, your teams, and your organization. Business education today needs to progress and adapt to tomorrow’s needs. This is why EADA Business School and École des Ponts have joined forces and distilled the expertise of each school into a unique avant-garde Executive MBA focused on:

  • Leadership & Human Centricity

  • Technology Awareness

  • Management and Innovation


The best Global MBA in
Digital Transformation and Innovation.


Reshape your business & your mindset through innovation. We help you devise & implement holistic innovation strategies in your business so that you can stay competitive and thrive in the digital economy.

Innovation is not an option. If you can’t live up to today’s rapidly changing business landscape, you will stagnate, lose your competitive edge and fall behind in your market. The result? You’ll become sluggish and see change as an uphill battle, being unable to adapt, shying away from risks and losing confidence along the way.

  • Acquire a strategic comprehensive vision of digital transformation at all levels and departments of a company.

  • Adopt an integrated multi sectoral approach to digital transformation in different industries and identify trends and tendencies relevant to your business. Logistics, Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Retail, etc.

  • Learn with top digital leaders and experienced executives that have already implemented a complete digital transformation in their companies. They will share with you their years of knowledge, practical experience and industry connections.

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